Recent investments in digital access networks have increased the availability of ultra-broadband IT services, especially in large cities and their suburbs.

Soleto specialises in the design, implementation and maintenance of network infrastructures in specific geographical and metropolitan areas. Our design work is backed by a team of experts with many years of industry experience.

Soleto’s vertical organisational structure allows us to manage every stage of every project, from permit applications to excavation and restoration, not to mention installing, testing and certifying optical networks and their various components. Our Help Desk has been providing prompt support and maintenance for twenty years.



Our primary focus is the creation of optical backbone infrastructures for network operators. We have a great deal of experience and specialise in the creation of FTTC, FTTB, FTTS, FTTH networks with GPON architecture.


We handle connectivity from the operator’s centre (or PoP) to the end user’s termination box.  We can therefore create optical networks to physically connect the end user on a neighbourhood, building or household level.


We offer activation services for business and residential users on behalf of telecommunications operators, including installing, testing and certifying terminals (routers) in users’ homes.


We are involved in the physical construction of sites and pylons, as well as installing, testing and implementing 3G, 4G/LTE and 5G mobile communication systems.

These services are provided by highly specialised staff and organised vertically by activity. For a truly comprehensive service, our Help Desk and Contact Centre allow us to manage systems and equipment across the nation both remotely and on-site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Since it was founded in 1992, Soleto has supplemented its installation work with a range of value-added services, including design, pre-sales services, a technical/economic survey during the planning stage, and technical support and maintenance management during the post-installation phase.


Soleto is able to provide specialised tier 1 and tier 2 technical support for residential and business users online, on-site and/or remotely thanks to its internal contact centre/help desk, which is active 24/7, 365 days a year. The service is primarily used to support Fastweb customers throughout Italy.


Our help desk service and numerous teams of technicians operating in the field allow us to oversee the maintenance of our systems. We manage the maintenance of telecommunications, electrical, networking and special systems for both telecommunications operators and private management users, and are able to handle custom requests and the most challenging SLAs. We also constantly monitor our performance using specific company KPIs, which are defined on a project-by-project basis.


Soleto offers systems management services using specialist on-site controls. The main activities carried out in this area are related to the activation, relocation and installation of server systems; network connectivity within the data centre; and moves, adds and changes for major national trade fairs. These services are tailored to the customer’s needs and requirements in terms of both quantity and specialisation.


Alongside its maintenance service, Soleto offers specialist support regarding the design and maintenance of systems and equipment. The highly specialised staff offer system support and carry out all the exploratory and evaluation activities on the customer’s behalf. During the pre-sales phase, we carry out the relevant studies, review the requirements, help evaluate and select the right solutions, and compile and assess the costs. In the post-sales phase, we analyse the systems, implement and evaluate the performance parameters, identify any anomalies and malfunctions/failures affecting the individual and architectural components, and identify the most suitable solution for the situation in question.


The growth of the Internet of Things drew Soleto to the Smart City, a large technological infrastructure that allows people and objects to interact and integrate information and intelligence, creating a new way of experiencing daily life.


Creating efficient street lighting systems is a key energy efficiency goal. Soleto is an ESCO that offers efficiency solutions throughout the nation based on the smart lamppost, which is compatible with the most efficient lights and all the necessary communication systems to ensure constant control and regulate the luminous flux using centralised management software, taking into account the environmental and contextual factors in the territory.


Soleto has been the technological partner of A2A, a Milanese utility company, for many years. We manage the maintenance of traffic lights in the municipality of Milan, which includes infrastructural upgrades, making physical and technological modifications to the traffic light units, and maintaining the internal electronics and signal lights.


Ever since it was founded, Soleto has specialised in the design and construction of low and medium voltage electrical systems for commercial and industrial buildings. Our activities are largely related to the main control panels, internal power distribution, testing, and issuing legal compliance certificates.


Even before it obtained ISO 11352 certification, Soleto was responsible for finding energy saving solutions and improve energy efficiency in buildings. Our solutions include the design and construction of photovoltaic and solar thermal systems; the implementation of control and regulation systems; and various projects related to the building envelope, thermal insulation, windows, doors and screens.

Soleto’s solution revolves around public lampposts as a mechanical infrastructure to which different hardware components can be added, as well as the management platform.

We also have all the necessary resources to provide operators with special “turnkey” sites such as data centres, technical premises and PoPs (Points of Presence). Such projects include supplying and certifying all the technological, electrical, mechanical and telecommunication systems and carrying out any energy efficiency and civil works.


We have a great deal of specific expertise regarding LAN and Campus networking systems, which allows us to offer valuable solutions in terms of structured cabling; the creation of integrated voice, video and data systems; and the integration of security, control and surveillance systems for industrial, commercial and residential settings.


Soleto designs and installs LAN building and campus cabling systems using cutting-edge technology, including fibre optics and cat6 and 7 copper cables. The company also certifies and guarantees the systems it creates.


Our local network systems are designed to meet the customer’s actual needs using the most suitable technology, be it wired or wireless. The networks are always designed with integration and the convergence of the applications to be managed as the primary objectives. The IP protocol, therefore, plays an essential role in enabling the convergence of all the devices on the network.


For special projects such as data centres, mobile structures and shelters, sites for microwave transmission, technical premises and more, we are able to design and build comprehensive installations. Each site is designed and built complete with all the mechanical, thermal, electrical, security, data transmission, access and control systems, including the necessary civil infrastructures and facilities.


Over the years, we have had the opportunity to create a variety of special systems: smoke detection and fire suppression systems, physical security systems, attendance and access control systems, anti-intrusion systems, video surveillance and audio/video systems. We recognise the need for cohesive and remote system management and are therefore constantly striving to implement the most open and integrated solutions based on the IP protocol.

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